On our approx. 20,000m² business property, of which 4500 m² is available as a covered production-storage area, there is a modern and steadily expanding machine park.

The sustainable power supply is provided by our 270 kWP solar power system.
Here is a sample of our extensive operating equipment:


Storage system with 200 storage spaces for large format sheets and oversizes with a total capacity of 320 tons

Laseranlage 4,0 kW Table size 2.5 m x 6.5 m
AbkantpresseWidth 5500 mm250 tons
AbkantpresseWidth 4100 mm320 tons with extended lifting range
AbkantpresseWidth 3100 mm110 tons with extended lifting range
SchereWidth 3100 mm15 mm cutting capacity
Schleifen – Kantenverrundung 1300 mm feeding width
Hydraulische Tiefziehpresse Hub 800 mm, 200 to pressure output

Welding technology

UP Schweiß AnlageWorking height up to 3.5 m and 20 m track, 1000 A welding power
Behälter DrehvorrichtungenUnit weight up to 10 to
SchweißdrehtischeClamping size 1.5 m 2 to
MIG MAG Pulsschweißanlagen partially mechanized up to 400A
WIG Schweißanlagen 
E-Hand Schweißanlagen 

Mechanical machining

Walzen und ProfilwalzenWidth up to 2500 mm Thickness 13 mm up to 2500 mm
SickenwalzenWidth up to 2500 mm
KopfdrehbankMachining diameter up to 2500 mm
3-Achsen-NC Fräse 
Bohr Werk 
CNC ProfilbohranlageMachining length 10,000 mm
mit Drehtisch
(bei Partnerfirma direkt angrenzend)
Track length 30,000 mm, transverse 2,500 mm, height 3,000 mm
DrehtischDiameter 9,000 mm
FahrständerfräsmaschineFahrweg längs 16.000 mm, quer 2.500 mm, hoch 3.000 mm
DrehtischDiameter 5,000 mm
Stückgewichte bis 100 t